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Luke Blackmore is an independent graphic designer working from his studio in South West Cornwall.

Luke’s wide-ranging expertise encompasses the design of brand identities, packaging, print and signage as well as web and digital media.

Luke began his career at the age of 16, gaining a part time job at Infotel Solutions in Southern Lincolnshire –  after a rather lucky work experience placement.

His work expanded over this 13 year placement to encompass web, print, brand development and identity projects – playing a part in the evolution of a small hotel reservations business in the late 1990s into in a groundbreaking collection of leisure and corporate solution companies by the 2010’s.  

In 2011 Luke took on a role at Activ Group working on the identity and development of a portfolio of leisure, real estate and catering businesses across the United Kingdom.

In 2020, during the midst COVID pandemic, Luke made the leap and became a full-time independent, self employed designer.

He retained working relations with previous employers as well as forming new relationships with individuals and businesses, building up a loyal base of wonderful customers located across all corners of the United Kingdom.

Further to this, the new home office setup allowed Luke to work from any location – so after 40 years of living in the East of England – his family relocated to The Lizard, a beautiful coastal village in South West Cornwall.


As far back as when I was 18, one of my dreams was to try and form my own design studio, helping those with a need to grow their own dreams into success stories.

That dream never went away.

With the guidance, support, trust & commitment of those who supported me and offered such valuable opportunities along the way (Ann, Davy, Kimberley & Tanya) plus gaining the confidence from my very first few customers (Caroline, Dennis, Harry, Karl, Matt, Nick) – and of course the trust of my very understanding wife, Emma – I’m now in the wonderful position to have made that dream a reality, so I can try my best to help others realise theirs too.