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About Luke Blackmore

Luke Blackmore is a British freelance designer working in brand, identity & logo design, digital content, website creation & marketing solutions.

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My story starts out with a nugget of an idea, formed way back in the 90s

I was just a naive teenager growing up in a quiet little village in South Lincolnshire.  With only a couple of shops, pubs and a park – it didn’t really offer that much to the 16 year old me. I never imagined that my whole career would spark from a five minute stroll from my parents doorstep.


In the summer of 1998 I had to embark on work experience. I had no idea where to go, but my school suggested I tried this little hotel booking company – which I’d never heard of….nor did I know that it was in the same tiny village I’d been living in since birth.


The place was a real eye-opener. I discovered the internet there (remember – this is a time before most people even had dial-up internet. Broadband wasn’t even a word back then.) and was swiftly taught the in’s and out’s of HTML coding so I could create web pages for hotels. Then I discovered the miracle of Photoshop!


I stayed on after work-experience, working a couple of hours each night for some pocket money. Instead of creating web pages, I was checking hotel info – calling Directory Enquiries every 4 minutes to cross-check phone numbers with those on our database…it sucked – but my boss noticed.

So, the owners helped me work out what I wanted to do. Apart from building web pages, I sucked at IT. I definitely didn’t like calling Directory Enquiries….so they tried me out with designing marketing material. I loved it, and I was pretty good at it too. Soon enough others in the office started asking me to create things for them. Gift cards, posters, wedding invitations, then websites –  it was all pretty straightforward but I loved it.  “What if I could do this other people, as an actual job – maybe even make actual money?” I thought.


Years later, I did.


By my late 20s I was being approached more and more for bigger and bigger work – so decided to go legit and become an actual freelancer….all on the side of my day job. Things started slowly, but I started freelancing for a nightclub, some bars, hairdressers and a lady who made cupcakes.


In 2008 the banking crisis hit and the U.K. went into a big recession. Both my girlfriend and I worked at the same company and we felt pretty vulnerable if the company were to close (glad to say they didn’t). So – after 15 years working for my local family-run hotel booking company – it was with a heavy heart that I switched day-jobs and began working as a resident designer for one of my own freelance clients. They’d been feeding me so much work, it turned out cheaper for them to just employ me full time.


With a bit more freelance time freed up in the evenings, I was free to work with more and more clients – by word of mouth they all started coming in.


Today – I’m very happy to say I’m still working with many of my original clients. Some have changed business since we first met – but they’ve come back and approached me with new projects to embark on together. Alongside those I have a wonderful bunch of new regular customers of all shapes and sizes!


Here’s to the next 22 years 🙂


My mission is threefold:

  1. Service Mission
    To make exciting, premium digital work which delights customers by pushing boundaries, expectations,  standards whilst retaining excellent value for money.
  2. Economic Mission
    To make sure that both the supplier and customer sees successes from all works delivered and in turn benefits from the prosperity of both their business and mine.
  3. Social Mission
    To use my name & business as a force for good where and when I can – both through internal practices and by using my own platform as a voice to promote equality, social justice & environmental reform. I avoid paid advertising on any platform which is either funded by hate or complacent in tackling it.

If you’d like to be involved in the next chapter of my story – please do get in touch for a chat!

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Client List

Bell & Co Ltd

Creativ Ltd

Definitions Gym

DG Entertainments

DGG Property Consultants

ETC Sounds

Fosdyke Rats

Friends of Ayscoughfee

Happy Little Hands

Heidi Rock


Kiln Dried Firewood Logs


Lincs EPC

Lucy’s Locket

Lulu Gilling

Maker Appliances

Meadows Edge Care Home

Melanie James Bridal

M Yould & Sons Ltd

NES: Norie’s Electrical Services

Nick Williams

Oliver Lee

Paddocks Campsite

Serenity Beauty

Smart Energy

Solar Creations

Stamford Geological Society

Tax Warrior

Think GB Energy

Thomas Campbell Estate Agents

Tulip Hill Cakery

Woodhouse Farm Lodge