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Accountancy firm offering hassle-free tax returns for freelancers, sole traders and small businesses.

2020 proved to be a year much like no other. Just about everyone has been affected by the events than took place over the year  – and I’m no exception to that.

When the guys over at Tax Warrior contacted me for help. They explained the business – and it certainly was very interesting…but this took place ‘pre-pandemic’.

I was still in full-time employment back then, so I struggled to relate how their target audience felt. Self-assessments weren’t all that hard for me as a part time freelancer. I did work as and when I felt.

Sure, filing your return is a nuisance…but I did freelance work ad-hoc, so it wasn’t that much of a big deal for me personally. I knew others might struggle, but not being in the same boat as those you’re trying to market to is a bit of a disadvantage.

..but then we had the pandemic, and everything changed.

By the autumn, I’d given up the day job, I was now a full-time freelancer…and I was in the same boat.

As great a decision as going full freelance was, the self-assessment side of things suddenly seemed a gazillion times more complicated…and daunting.

That’s when it hit me – THIS is why Tax Warrior are here. Those like me – people who could really do without all that unnecessary time and stress – would really benefit from Tax Warrior. Sure, I could put a day or so aside and do it myself…but that’s all time I’m not doing what I’m good at….that’s time I’m not working and earning. If I outsourced my self-assessment to Tax Warrior, my customers will get their work finished earlier – they’re happier – and I’m happier.

Whether your circumstances have changed from COVID or not…if you’re self employed or a limited company and want to leave the tax return hassle behind – I suggest you have a chat with the guys at